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Why Americans Don’t Understand British Dating

British datingDating styles, etiquette, and interactions vary from culture to culture. Some cultures do not allow dating, requiring their offspring to commit to an arranged marriage. Other cultures encourage frequent dates and interactions with the opposite sex, until you find the right mate. Two cultures that are significantly different in style is that of Americans and the British.


One of the big differences is the lack of formality when asking someone else on a date. An American male would go up to a woman that he is interested in to ask her on a date. Brits are much more casual, typically asking someone to go out for a drink. However, in spite of the formality of engaging in a date, Americans are also likely to be dating multiple people at once, rather than choosing one person to date at a time, such the British. Americans also seem to have an unwritten set of rules for dating, including when to engage in sexual intercourse, or “the talk” to determine exclusivity. The British enjoy dating as a casual experience, enjoying each event whenever it happens.


Americans and Brits also differ in the way they date other people. When an American goes on a date, the new couple will engage in a variety of activities, regardless of the time of day. The British prefer to go on dates in the evening, allowing the time and place to have a few drinks and enjoy the local nightlife. Since Americans want to see results and have what they want at any time of day, the couple will engage in activities all day long, even if it is not a holiday.

Breaking Up

Ending a relationship is different from each culture as well. In American, a female may break up with someone that she just started dating due to incompatible traits, often halting any further relationship between the two if she doesn’t feel a “spark.” The British are more likely to work on that compatibility, since every person comes with some sort of baggage that will need to be handled at some point anyway.

It’s a Culture Thing

Americans are used to being able to get exactly what they want, whenever they want it. Whether “it” is fast food, cash, or a date, Americans thrive on instant gratification and having a full awareness of knowing what is next. An American will seek out control over a situation, becoming more stressed as things change. A Brit is much more relaxed, taking the time they need to make a decision, rather than feeling pushed into one. The sense of urgency and control is the main reason Americans will not understand or adapt to the way of British dating and relationships.

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