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How to Deal with Post-Op Pain

Surgery is a medical intervention that is typically given to people who need it to either save their lives or to reduce pain and chronic conditions. Depending on the type of surgery that you receive, you might be required to have general or local anesthesia to help reduce the pain during the procedure. The main concern that patients have is what will happen to their bodies after the surgery has been completed. Learning how to deal with post-op pain can make surgery a much easier event for yourself and your family.

The first thing you will want to do is talk to your surgeon and anesthesiologist about the amount of pain that you can expect to experience after the surgery has been completed. In most cases your medical team will go over post-operative procedures voluntarily but it is important to ask any questions that you might have. Certain types of pain are to be expected, though in some cases if it reaches a particular threshold, you will need to seek medical help.

Discussing pain medications is another step that is crucial to managing post-operative pain. You may be prescribed opioids or your doctor may refer you to over the counter medications that you can rely on. These medications are designed to block the pain receptors in your body from firing and making you feel uncomfortable. Talk to your doctor about the different medications that are available to you, the affect that they will have on your body, and how often and how long you should be taking them. You’ll often be in a situation where opioids are prescribed.  These include codeine and its associated medications like cocodamol 500/30mg a very effective combination of 500mg of paracetamol and 30mg of codeine.

You’ll also want to take steps to prepare your home and living situation after your surgery. Even people who have outpatient procedures require assistance getting back to their home, preparing food, and doing daily tasks after their surgery. Make sure that you get all of the items that you need on a daily basis in a convenient area and assign a family member to look after you until you have sufficiently healed from the procedure. There’s also the ability to hire in-home nurses and medical staff to assist you during the recovery process.

Take the time to think about the pain that you might experience in order to mentally prepare yourself. There is a high probability that you’ll experience some type of discomfort and accepting the pain can help you to get through recovery and return to your regular lifestyle.

Do Women Really Go For Guys With Six Pack Abs?

six pack absWith so much emphasis on gender equality for women, society sometimes forget that the standard for being in top physical condition is a two-way street. Though a man can be criticized for having a taste for fit women, women can sometimes have a preference for a man with six-pack abs. However, the reasons aren’t purely aesthetic. Some women like to see defined abs on a man for several reasons, but the opposite is also true.

Shows Strength

A six-pack on a man’s midsection is a sign of strength to most women. To build up your muscles and whittle away fat, you have to maintain a regular workout that constantly tests your strength and endurance. The attraction to a lack of fat around your abdomen is actually more a biological choice, rather than just being a sexual fetish. Subconsciously, a woman sees a man with a strong core, and then translates that to meaning he is a viable candidate for producing strong offspring.

Shows Dedication to a Healthy Life

To achieve definition in any muscle, you have to be dedicated to keeping a healthy lifestyle, which means that you probably spend more time focused on eating right and getting regular workouts. Women prefer men who are active and ambitious, rather than a man who is lazy and unmotivated. By keeping up with your workout regimen, you show women that you are dedicated to working for what you want, which is important in dating.

Might Make a Woman Self-Conscious

While some women enjoy the feel and look of a man with a trim torso, some women may find the definition makes them feel self-conscious about their own body. A woman’s body contains a higher percentage of fat than a man’s body, making it harder for her to achieve a slim body. However, if you are fit, and you want to date a woman who isn’t, you can encourage each other to get healthier.

Depends on the Woman

In the same way that each man has different taste in women, women have different tastes in men. Sometimes, women find a six-pack to be enticing and sexy, but some women prefer a little more meat on her boyfriend’s bones. In fact, a recent study amongst women showed that 75% of the women surveyed prefer men with more fat in their midsection, rather than the hardness of defined abdominal muscles. As long as you try to maintain a healthy lifestyle, staying true to the body type you want, you will attract a woman who prefers that type of body.

Why Americans Don’t Understand British Dating

British datingDating styles, etiquette, and interactions vary from culture to culture. Some cultures do not allow dating, requiring their offspring to commit to an arranged marriage. Other cultures encourage frequent dates and interactions with the opposite sex, until you find the right mate. Two cultures that are significantly different in style is that of Americans and the British.


One of the big differences is the lack of formality when asking someone else on a date. An American male would go up to a woman that he is interested in to ask her on a date. Brits are much more casual, typically asking someone to go out for a drink. However, in spite of the formality of engaging in a date, Americans are also likely to be dating multiple people at once, rather than choosing one person to date at a time, such the British. Americans also seem to have an unwritten set of rules for dating, including when to engage in sexual intercourse, or “the talk” to determine exclusivity. The British enjoy dating as a casual experience, enjoying each event whenever it happens.


Americans and Brits also differ in the way they date other people. When an American goes on a date, the new couple will engage in a variety of activities, regardless of the time of day. The British prefer to go on dates in the evening, allowing the time and place to have a few drinks and enjoy the local nightlife. Since Americans want to see results and have what they want at any time of day, the couple will engage in activities all day long, even if it is not a holiday.

Breaking Up

Ending a relationship is different from each culture as well. In American, a female may break up with someone that she just started dating due to incompatible traits, often halting any further relationship between the two if she doesn’t feel a “spark.” The British are more likely to work on that compatibility, since every person comes with some sort of baggage that will need to be handled at some point anyway.

It’s a Culture Thing

Americans are used to being able to get exactly what they want, whenever they want it. Whether “it” is fast food, cash, or a date, Americans thrive on instant gratification and having a full awareness of knowing what is next. An American will seek out control over a situation, becoming more stressed as things change. A Brit is much more relaxed, taking the time they need to make a decision, rather than feeling pushed into one. The sense of urgency and control is the main reason Americans will not understand or adapt to the way of British dating and relationships.

Most Common Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs) In The UK

Since the 1960s, society has become more comfortable with promiscuous sexual encounters, which has driven up the amount of people infected with sexually transmitted diseases. Some diseases require very little treatment to eliminate, whereas others are lifelong conditions. Educating yourself about the most commonly-occurring STIs is the first step towards prevention.

Anogenital Warts

Anogenital warts are small bumps that appear around the infected individual’s genitals and anus. Over 100 strains of the human papilloma virus (HPV) can cause warts, so you are very likely to come in contact with this STI at some point. Infection starts with sexual contact, but you may not see evidence of warts for weeks or months after the original interaction. Most of the time, warts will not cause discomfort, but they are very contagious. To treat warts, you can choose from a number of chemical or physical treatments, which will eliminate the outbreak for good.


Chlamydia is an infection that is caused by bacteria, called Chlamydia trachomatis. Chlamydia is transmitted through semen or vaginal fluids of a person who has chlamydia. Symptoms that men should watch out for include pain while urinating, penile discharge, and pain in relation to the penis. Treatment should begin quickly to avoid further spread, but you will also need to notify any sexual partners you have had within the last six months about your diagnosis, allowing them to be treated quickly. Once treated, chlamydia is cured, until you have sex with someone else that has the bacteria.


 Herpes is spread through skin-to-skin contact with any area of the body of an infected person. There are two types of herpes strains; type 1 affects the mouth, genitals, and other parts of the body, whereas type 2 only causes genital herpes. Herpes never goes away, but outbreaks can be treated. If you are having an outbreak, avoid sexual activities with your partner. However, even without an outbreak, you can still pass along the virus to your partner.

How to Protect Yourself

With over half a million people in the UK suffering from some type of STD or STI, you should know how to protect yourself from becoming infected. First, you should have full disclosure with your partner, with an open line of communication about each other’s sexual history. Secondly, if you choose to take someone home for sexual activity, whether it is a one-night stand or a long-term relationship, wear a condom. In the event you think you may have contracted an STI, visit your local health clinic or doctor immediately for testing.

US Fantasy Sports Betting Companies Are Coming To Britain

fantasy sports bettingBetting on sports is not a new thing in American culture. Americans will bet on just about any sport, including the Super Bowl, wrestling matches, and even figure skating. Before now, betting on sports was secluded to American sports. However, with new regulations being set in place, some of the US fantasy sports betting companies are bringing their business to the UK, allowing locals to get in on this profitable action. There are several companies specifically applying for gambling licenses.

Draft Kings

Draft Kings is the first company to apply for and receive a license that allows them to take bets in the UK, with their final authorization coming through in mid-August. The company’s owner, Jeffrey Haas, told local news publications that their company will still be abiding by the proper gambling laws, including age verification and “self-exclusion technology,” which is designed to prevent the gambler from making an excessive amount of bets, helping to combat individuals who have an addiction to gambling. Haas has been very bold in his statements about growth and potential in the company, telling reporters that the company goal is to be the biggest and most popular fantasy gaming company in the world, which starts with expanding across the Atlantic.


The owners of FanDuel are presently awaiting approval for their gambling license, which they applied for in November. Their license stipulated that they would be a gambling software company. Both FanDuel and Draft Kings are taking a big risk in expanding their business to the UK, but both companies state that the risk has been thought through thoroughly. Unlike Draft Kings, the CEO of FanDuel is hesistant to expose any of the company’s plans for profit and expansion in the UK, which is most likely an attempt to prevent the opposing company from reaping the benefits of their hard work.

 What This Means for UK Fantasy Sports

With the UK breaking into the fantasy sports betting world, both companies are competing for a piece of the profit they could potentially make in this unchartered territory. The companies will need to pay close attention to rules, tax rates, and their growth to make sure this multimillion-dollar industry can survive in the new location. The UK already has betting options available for live sports, but it is up to the gambling companies to stir up new business from the new sources.

How Men Can Steer Clear Of Sexual Harrassment Charges At Work

sexual harrassmentWhen you work in any office or facility, you need to make sure you create a safe and pleasant atmosphere for everyone involved. Even if you are not the boss, or in charge of a department, you have a responsibility as a coworker to make certain efforts for a peaceful environment. While you shouldn’t have to stifle your natural personality, there are a few efforts you can make to avoid sexual harassment charges while on the job.

Avoid Sexual References at Work

An office is a place for work and professionalism, not a place to chat with your peers about your latest sexual conquest or the secretary you have a crush on. Even when if you don’t make the comment towards a female coworker, she can still report you for sexual harassment if she was within earshot at the time of the comment. Instead of talking about this topic at work, reserve the social time for when you clock out of work for the day, inviting your pals down to the pub to discuss non-workplace matters.

Don’t Flirt with Coworkers

Sexual harassment is not just reserved for inappropriate conversations; a woman may feel sexually harassed by you, if your flirtations and suggestions are not accepted as an indication of interest. Whether your flirting is in the form of a suggestive conversation or an inappropriate touch, any coworker can report you for these unwelcome advances. If you want to flirt with your coworker, make sure she is interested and that your conversations remain clean while you are still at work.

Refer to Your Corporate Policy Guide

Policies regarding sexual harassment sometimes differ between companies. Some companies only consider a physically sexual touch to be considered harassment, whereas other companies will write a disciplinary report for any comment or touch that was received with sexual intentions. Ask your human resources representative for a copy of the corporate policy that discusses the specific rules regarding sexual conduct.

Preventing Sexual Harassment

Even when you take the right steps to keep yourself from committing sexual harassment, you may notice that one of your coworkers is not making the same efforts. If you see him trying to make a sexual advance towards another coworker, try to interject and explain the repercussions he may face if he continues with this behavior. Not only can you stop yourself from being part of the problem, but you can also help become a solution to it.

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