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Do Women Really Go For Guys With Six Pack Abs?

six pack absWith so much emphasis on gender equality for women, society sometimes forget that the standard for being in top physical condition is a two-way street. Though a man can be criticized for having a taste for fit women, women can sometimes have a preference for a man with six-pack abs. However, the reasons aren’t purely aesthetic. Some women like to see defined abs on a man for several reasons, but the opposite is also true.

Shows Strength

A six-pack on a man’s midsection is a sign of strength to most women. To build up your muscles and whittle away fat, you have to maintain a regular workout that constantly tests your strength and endurance. The attraction to a lack of fat around your abdomen is actually more a biological choice, rather than just being a sexual fetish. Subconsciously, a woman sees a man with a strong core, and then translates that to meaning he is a viable candidate for producing strong offspring.

Shows Dedication to a Healthy Life

To achieve definition in any muscle, you have to be dedicated to keeping a healthy lifestyle, which means that you probably spend more time focused on eating right and getting regular workouts. Women prefer men who are active and ambitious, rather than a man who is lazy and unmotivated. By keeping up with your workout regimen, you show women that you are dedicated to working for what you want, which is important in dating.

Might Make a Woman Self-Conscious

While some women enjoy the feel and look of a man with a trim torso, some women may find the definition makes them feel self-conscious about their own body. A woman’s body contains a higher percentage of fat than a man’s body, making it harder for her to achieve a slim body. However, if you are fit, and you want to date a woman who isn’t, you can encourage each other to get healthier.

Depends on the Woman

In the same way that each man has different taste in women, women have different tastes in men. Sometimes, women find a six-pack to be enticing and sexy, but some women prefer a little more meat on her boyfriend’s bones. In fact, a recent study amongst women showed that 75% of the women surveyed prefer men with more fat in their midsection, rather than the hardness of defined abdominal muscles. As long as you try to maintain a healthy lifestyle, staying true to the body type you want, you will attract a woman who prefers that type of body.

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